EEK! Godlessness comes to Utah

EEK! Godlessness comes to Utah

Posted on August 23, 2011 by Charles Trentelman

Just got an email from the Coalition of Reason saying that there is a “godless” billboard set up in the Salt Lake City area promoting athiesm.

I’m sure the sign will draw the usual protests from the sorts of people who think we need more, not less, God in our daily lives because we all know how wonderful that would make life.

Christians in Congress never ever play hanky-panky with legislation or break the law, and look how wonderfully peaceful Islamic countries such as Iraq or Afghanistan are, since they have God as a permanent part of their governments.

I grow weary of the “My God is better than your God” debate, or even the “My lack of God is better than your God” argument.

There are thousands of religions on the planet and every one of them is the real one. People who lead good lives without someone holding the fear of fire and brimstone over their heads do have a bit of an edge when it comes to “living like Christ” since Christ did preach that those who do good just for the sake of doing good were really the ones who follow is teachings. That was the point behind the ”Good Samaritan” story.

But on the other hand, this sort of in-your-face lack of religion as shown by this billboard isn’t a whole lot better. The sign is supposedly there to give comfort to those who don’t believe in God, but it’s also done with the sure knowledge it will be a poke in the eye of those who do believe in God.

How “There-is-no-Christ-like” is that?

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